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Tempus Business Strategists believe that the real reason why people want to own a business is to attain time and opportunity. The way you achieve more time and greater opportunities is through financial freedom. Financial freedom can be obtained through charting your own course by owning a business because of the possibilities of earning unlimited income and managing your time. In the end, having money will not make you happy. What will ultimately make you happy is what having money will provide you: time and opportunities. Time to spend with your friends and loved ones and opportunities to pursue your passions. Allow us to help you in your journey to attain time and opportunities by helping you sell or buy a business.

Free Business Informational Video Series

At Tempus we strongly believe in providing past, present and future clients with ongoing concise, relevant and valuable business advice. We provide this through our extensive Video Series which are short, to the point and free. Our videos include: Women Caprice Women Caprice Caprice Women Caprice Caprice Caprice Caprice Women Caprice Women Women Women Women 1BCqd5w, Buying A Business Series, Business Strategy Consulting Series, Entrepreneurs Start-Up Series, Professional Practice Series, Foreign Buyer U.S. Investment Series and the Inventors Video Series. Join us for free on the Tempus Youtube Channel to receive weekly video posts.

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Services Offered

Selling a Business


Watch our video on the 10 things every seller should consider when selling their business.

Buying a Business


Watch our video on the 10 things that every buyer should consider when buying their business.

Business Strategy Consulting


Watch our video on the 10 things that we evaluate for every business when performing our business strategy consulting.

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    Dry for and String Bag Gymsack Draw Spots Spotty PE Kids Sport Swimming Red zqwYrz